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10/10 | Futurists
A young graduate from National Institute of Design, who brightens up the office space every morning as she walks in, with sweet morning greetings and smile. She comes from an environment with a blend of different cultures, moving five different cities from her childhood.
She has won several awards for her outstanding designs. Park Elle Décor Student Design Award and EDIDA Student of the Year Award are few to mention. Her works are published in Domus & Elle Décor magazines. She is on board with us as an Industrial designer who looks forward to understanding business and design challenges.
As an Industrial Designer, she aspires to shape the future by designing products to delight, serve and inspire millions of people worldwide. She is passionate about improving people’s lives through design and technology. Originality, faithfulness and details are pillars on which her ideas stand. She seeks inspiration, empowerment, and approach challenges from all angles and approaches from different angles anyone hardly expects to approach and overwhelms us with her new ideas. 
Product Designer