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Skylight | Schneider Experience Centre
The Brief

DB boxes have never been fully ingrained into the design of any building. They look odd, out-of-place and disproportionately designed. Here we have showcased DB boxes in an environment where its sits in a position of power.

Redefining The Box

Inspired by a simple theme, ‘Cable-Mess’, we incorporated our designs into a box form and then succeeded in converting the same to a light form. 

See The Future

The second phase of the design was to enhance the technology and also upscale to a futuristic look and feel.

The Works
  • Parametric speakers for directional sound.
  • Interactive projector to turn the wall into a touch screen.
  • Alexa integrated - automation systems.
  • Smart lighting system for energy conservation.
  • Interactive 360° shadow less lighting.
It Simply Flows

Giving maximum importance to fluidic pathway of experience, the lights are the guide. Showcasing an iconic space is relevant for a technology giant like Schneider, because the idea was to create a futuristic yet pure commercial marketing space with technology and energy conservation in mind.