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Farm-fresh ideas | HIDEOUT CAFE
A Cozy Little Corner

This is an amazing home turned into a cozy, quiet corner with the perfect seating arrangement. People come here to relax and catch up in their downtime.

Just Relax

A carefully planned dining and cafe area has been created as the hideout. It is the perfect spot for anyone to relax. 

Designed for Peace

Ambience is designed in a way that allows people to snug up and have a peaceful time.

Simply Stylish

A private sit-out has been created amidst the cafe in lightly soothing area making it the most sought after seating space. Designed using simple articles like: 

  • Spinning wheels
  • Warm lanterns
  • Custom made railings
A Romantic Evening

The landscaping in the sides, the wooden log pergola for shelter, and a pebble sand floor make this yard a perfect couple suite. Privacy among crowd is guaranteed!