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10/10 | Feeds | LVL AWSM

Construction on land occupies an area that was once a plantation or a forest. What if construction not only generates green cover but also enhances life, productivity and mental wellness. While cities and urban dwellings are criticised for stripping forests and unruly development, LVL AWSM can enable these developments with systems that contribute towards ecological welfare. Buildings today; be it your residence or office, often fulfil only a single criteria. They only provide shelter. Whereas these structures have immense potential to impact lives and remunerate ecology the loss of its flora and fauna.

LVL AWSM reclaims terraces to give back to nature the area occupied by building footprints. It progresses beyond ornamental landscaping and green vistas. Rooftop interventions are common; terraced cafés, play-areas, recreational zones, playschools and even healthcare facilities are accommodated on terraces. The terrace-activities are commercial and recreational undertakings at most. And any designer can create these functions in an aesthetic and visually pleasing manner. But LVL AWSM pushes the envelope and renders a larger impact on buildings and cities.

LVL AWSM attributes functions and services that create a three-fold impact within and around the built-environment; a social impact, style impact and service impact while creating 50% to 70% of the building’s energy needs. Social impact pertains to using the terrace space for micro-farming and plantation for produce. Style impact is the generation of interactive and gathering spaces. The service impact is rendered when the space is used as a work zone or for any commercial undertaking. The space above your 4 walls can accommodate utilitarian to recreational activities imbibing fitness, wellness and entertainment simultaneously. Those buildings that are structurally unequipped to handle human load on their terraces can also join the bandwagon through solar panel and wind turbine technologies. LVL AWSM optimises terraces by imbibing these impacts and brings out the best for buildings, inhabitants and most importantly, the precinct around the building.

Take the example of Bellandur Lake. The lake has shrunk to 2/3rd of its original size owing to urbanisation and is heading towards deterioration with its water catching fire and swathing in foam. The blame-game begins and ends with corporates, politicians, citizens, etc. If the built-environment and buildings around Bellandur Lake had enabled themselves with means to better the air quality, be more responsible with ecology, perhaps the disaster could have been averted or minimised. LVL AWSM is a one-time investment that sets off a chain reaction to gradually reverse ecological damage.


10/10 has implemented LVL AWSM at Abhaya Bhavan and Beary’s BGRT in Bengaluru, Ghandhour Chemicals in Congo. Restaurant establishments like Liquid Street, After Dark and Easter Egg also incorporate LVL AWSM on their rooftops. While office buildings can use their terraces to create meeting and collaborative areas alongside an element of recreation and smart-farming the rooftop restaurants offer not only aesthetic ambience but improved air quality.

They have also drafted guidelines for AMTRON Tech Park, the first of its kind in Assam. The practice’s own office has adopted LVL AWSM in its building to live by example. LIV AWSM benefits nature and its inhabitants.

For a single building that implements LVL AWSM, 100 individuals are engaged with bettered experiences on a rotational basis. If every building starts deploying LVL AWSM, entire cities can benefit from it. Till date, LVL AWSM has transformed 12 rooftops. They have impacted the lives of 345 individuals by creating 46 acres of green carpets, planting 12198 trees, produced 120 kilograms of vegetable and saved INR 1.8 million for its clients. Each day, over 174 citizens engage with the holistic benefits of LVL AWSM. But the larger intent is to reimburse earth for the space humanity and civilization occupies.