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10/10 | Feeds | LIV AWSM

LIV AWSM: Reimagining sustainability & redefining technology for better living spaces within concrete jungles

Cities are great. They provide financial opportunities, comfort, resources, and immense entertainment avenues. But this ease of urban living comes with costs and liabilities. These costs and liabilities do not involve money, assets or time but our health and happiness. Our cities are enveloped with heatwaves and choked with traffic, floods, and pollution. Almost all indoor spaces demand air-conditioning that further escalates global warming and carbon-footprints. Cities are seldom liveable as they were built to bring in commerce and development. Cities are places where one works, hardly lives. While you cannot control these external factors, you surely can mend your internal spaces or the built environment where you currently work or reside.

LIV AWSM by 10/10 is innovating sustainable and ecological systems that are integrated into work and living spaces for better air and water, energy efficient lighting and holistic experiences. They are incorporated by means of art, landscaping and design into indoor spaces. Lobbies, basements, porches, garages, windowsills, terraces, balconies, etc. are secondary areas in any building. But these can accommodate and accomplish more function and utility with LIV AWSM.

This system works beyond planting trees or landscaping empty areas. It involves curating plants that emit high quantities of oxygen. These plants are integrated into the existing décor but not in entirely closed areas since plants release carbon-di-oxide at dusk. The other consideration is their upkeep which is often addressed by self-watering pots, low-maintenance green-walls; each being an innovation of 10/10. The primary impact of these systems is a green oasis in internal spaces in concrete buildings fitted with air-conditioning for cooling. Plants not only enhance décor but also maintain the temperature. Subsequently, the mental physiology is affected positively with improved air quality leading to healthier and happier individuals. Their emotional wellness, productivity, and efficiency increases.

Living better in corporate and work environments

The impact doesn’t cease with the aesthetics, comfortable ambiances and wellness. 10/10 aims to completely replace air-conditioning with plant-cooled systems. Office spaces can be hardly imagined sans air-conditioning. But LIV AWSM not only aims at eliminating artificial cooling but enable bettered employee output while doing so. These can be furthered with integrating smart farming in urban areas as well. These technologies can be installed into murals, artwork, and installations. They can be tailor-made from scrap, waste or other material. The experience is not limited to aesthetics or visual elements but a shift in the sensory experience of internal spaces to bring about a positive domino effect as the holistic changes spiral into a world of happy and healthy people.

 LIV AWSM is an investment which will offer returns in the form of wellness, fitness and even entertainment as seen in the 10/10 office where they have implemented the idea. The existing space needs no major overhaul or alteration since LIV AWSM is retrofitted into existing spaces sans disruption. It can be incorporated in old and new buildings with ease. Do let us know if you desire these holistic turnarounds at your work and living areas for health, happiness and knowledge and 10/10 will enable them for you.