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10/10 | Feeds | Design Approach to Terraces in
Design Approach to Terraces in Corporate buildings

A terrace adds to the soul of a building – it has immense potential to bring the outside to the inside and to crack the usual enclosed spatial system. Accessible and habitable terraces in corporate buildings in India are low in number which informs us of the inefficient usage of real-estate space. Activating outdoor spaces in work-environments are smart solutions in terms of sustainable development and act as major employee recruitment and retention tool. LVL AWSM is a sustainable and energy-efficient design concept that reclaims terraces to return to nature the area occupied traditionally by building footprints. Such rooftop outdoor spaces can include recreational, office, landscape zones improving the wellness, welfare, health and knowledge of employees. These terrace spaces engage a community feeling for employees to work and socialize at the same time. What was once a normal and simple empty terrace becomes a destination by itself. This is an outlet to employees usually requiring respites from their enclosed office spaces. Terrace design, landscape design, space design are the verticals that can enable activation of rooftop terrace spaces. This is recognized as a strategy used by companies outside India to improve productivity. This is also considered by developers and owners of urban office buildings to transform barren terraces into multi-functional setups that are energy-efficient and also enable sustainable development for the companies.

Looking at the internal dynamics of company, In addition to strategizing a business’ operation to be sustainable, employee satisfaction and retention deserves attention as well. This is also possible through CSR project ideas that are inclined towards spatial design, product design and architecture. The best ways to use CSR funds also internally begin with imbibing sustainable innovation in the company’s spatial planning which in turn leads to improved wellness, welfare, health and happiness of employees. If implemented, LVL AWSM can be a top CSR initiative that companies can accommodate to expand their degree of sustainability and energy efficiency as well.