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10/10 | Feeds | CSR for Design Ideas
CSR for Design Ideas

The framework of UN Global Compact constitutes principles related to society, environment, labour and human rights. Though human-centric, the gap lies in inconsideration towards design, technology, knowledge, happiness and animals. In India, Corporate Social Responsibility is mandatory and the 2 percent bill demands large companies to allocate a minimum of 2 percent of their profits yearly on CSR. The top CSR initiatives in India widely relate to sustainability and philanthropy. Sustainability in CSR here commonly relates to environmental, social and economic maintenance in addition to the moral obligation to the community. Such aspects cover issues around poverty, lifestyle, health, wellness, welfare, etc. Solutions to these kinds of issues can be achieved through design and not just through philanthropy. Comparatively, design solutions provide long-term gains than philanthropy does. Design solutions have an intelligent touch. When a radical design solution addresses a societal issue, the impact is more powerful and lasting. A CSR switch to social and environmental design solutions will automatically improve the economic side of problems. Examples of such CSR project ideas include social-housing, affordable housing, mobile homes, intelligent solutions towards reclaiming the lost-green cover, etc. One such CSR design idea is the proposal – Portacompactability that addresses the housing problem in Bangalore, India.

The notion of CSR in India should embrace green design ideas as the country has the some of the top designers. Top CSR initiatives in the country can be contextualised according to the regions and companies. A proposal to include design-related CSR project ideas should be formalized and the approach towards CSR should be to invest in design solutions that are impactful and binding the society together. Also to consider is the potential of ideas to be innovative, productive, functional, growth-inducing, socially-committed, and environmentally-supportive and lastly fulfil the role of socially responsible corporate citizens. On the whole, these factors as the foundational guideline of CSR projects will enable sustainable development. A CSR committee will work in tandem with top designers to ensure the ideation and implementation of such sustainable CSR design ideas result in sustainable development.