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10/10 | Feeds | Compact Housing
Compact Housing

Reducing availability of land and escalating prices are dictating the consideration of compact housing today. Real estate developers, conscious of such demands are gradually launching massive projects with small-unit sizes of homes which are both sold and unsold in the country. This trend serves user-groups with affordability based on income groups. The PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana), an initiative by the Indian government addresses the urban poor with the mission to provide affordable housing for all by the year 2022. The target groups range from lower & middle income groups to slums to the homeless. According to the scheme’s guidelines, eco-friendly construction methods and design sustainability are to be achieved. The scheme operates on application and loan basis. All the objectives are framed keeping in mind the project urban dwelling population – 814 million people.

Portaccompactability is a larger design vertical of 10by10 studio that devises holistic shelter solutions on the lines of portability and compactness. As a part of this, SPAC CAPS 2.1.0 Housing for One is a housing design concept that provides shelter solutions to the homeless, the low economic class and low wage tenants. Explaining the concept further, the land to be allocated for the housing type must either belong to the government or a private entity ready to lease out their land that allows legal settlements. The design features and amenities can be customized according the requirements of the specific user group. The design is behaviour-oriented and based on affordability – so adaptation and upgradation is possible based on progress in lifestyle. The modular design solution – a foldable structure with portability and easiness of installation with basic interior elements and added facilities and service systems. Features like micro family systems and solar panels are framed with the intention of providing energy efficiency and sustainable design. This is a potential design proposal inclined towards mobile homes, mobile home design and housing solutions.

Advantages of compact homes include maximum space utilization, cheap maintenance, budget-friendly and good resale value. With the government planning to achieve ‘Housing for all,’ more developers are into such construction and techniques as there are no compromises anyway made on infrastructure, amenities, etc.