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All great ideas start simply. And the greatest ones find the best company. There is a powerful force in mutually connected ideas. That's where all human knowledge resides. They operate in the realm of immense possibilities. They're playful when they're actually changing the world.

What people with ideas need is a playground. Where people can dive right in and grow - from thinkers to tinkerers, dreamers to doers, average Joes' to heroes. Just about everyone who has an idea - grow them here at 10by10.
Join us at the Playground of Ideas!

You have an idea -
We have a space
You have a space -
We have a design

10by10 is a landscape design hub that thrives on eco-friendly innovation and technological synergy. We add smart values and functions to spaces that redefines their purpose. Like your balcony, where you relax. can become an organic garden where you can relax with your favourite homegrown fruit juice.

There are too many boring, empty spaces in the world and in them we constantly seek to design the doors of a better tomorrow.

The 10by10 name stands for a philosophy where the size of the space doesn't matter as long as it is can fulfill its purpose.

We have a design -
you have it smart

This is where the world comes to collaborate. We wanted to push the boundaries of design by making it a tool for social change. We want our designs to reflect people’s thoughts and in turn, refine their habits. Hence we asked ourselves - Can we design a space that grows and looks after itself? Which simple functions can reduce human efforts considerably? In what ways can we all create, create, create and waste nothing? That’s how we arrived at that one question which gave us all our answers.

What is Smart?

And if you are smart
we have an idea for you!
  • Art is long, life is short.
  • Join us now at the playground of ideas.
  • Crowdsource, create and collaborate with our team of futurists.
+91 9611206663
10by10 DIY studio, No.10, 2nd Cross, 5th Main, P.R.S Layout, Dodda Banaswadi, Bangalore 560043, Karnataka
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