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WELL Certification

We spend about 90% of our time indoors. So, our buildings constitute a more significant part of our surrounding and taking care of the indoor environment is much needed as caring for the exterior environment. International WELL Building Institute(IWBI) explored how design and operations of the buildings we dwell in can improve human health, comfort, well-being and productivity over six years and developed the cutting edge global movement known as WELL Building Standard. WELL is a product of detailed Scientific, medical and literature research and it also references existing building standards and the best practice guidelines set by organisations over the years.

WELL has come up with seven concepts to achieve maximum benefits in an indoor environment. They target indoor air quality, water quality, nourishment of occupants, minimising disruption to the circadian rhythm, fitness regimen, increased comfort of the space and improving mental and emotional health by the building design technologies and knowledge-based strategies. Their community pilot version has ten concepts with the addition of temperature, sound, materials as a particular division of comfort and community in place of innovation. With standard research and improvements in the concepts, the WELL standard has the revolutionary capacity to enhance the human experience.